Chris Turner is not a politician. Although he has accomplished much in his life, most of which involves serving and protecting others, being a politician is not one of those things. Until now. With a desire to make an impact and influence change for our area, Chris will pursue answers that will benefit the people of District 9.

Protect. Defend. Support. Lead.

Protecting Our Society From Crime

Chris believes that violent criminals and drug dealers must be held accountable for their actions. That means prison, not ‘justice reinvestment reform’. Chris supports legislation that toughens the penalties for fentanyl, methamphetamine, and opioid crimes. Also, Chris will oppose legalizing recreational drugs.

Protecting the Unborn

Chris is 100% pro-life. As a father of two, he understands the responsibility and investment of having children. Chris supports educating young pregnant mothers about the services and resources available that can assist them in caring for their child in the hope that they will choose life. He will support new tax credits and incentives for adopting parents, as well as foster parents, to help alleviate the cost associated with the overall process.

Defending Families and Parents

As a Christian, a husband, and a father of two, Chris is 100% pro-family. He knows that our families are the fabric that keep our communities strong and healthy. We must defend the rights of Louisiana families. Chris will support legislation that defends our families standing firm against the indoctrination of anti-family curricula in our education system.

Defending Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Chris will always defend the right for law-abiding citizens to lawfully carry firearms in Louisiana. Chris will defend any attempt to weaken or restrict our right to bear arms. We must always have the right and ability to protect ourselves and families from danger and harm.

Supporting Our Law Enforcement and Firefighters/EMS

As retired law enforcement, Chris knows the sacrifice that law enforcement and firefighters make on a daily basis. These brave men and women offer their lives every day to protect and serve their community. He supports legislation that will provide first responders with the tools that they need to best serve the people of District 9.

Supporting Our Military

Chris understands and appreciates the value of our military partners and the Barksdale Air Force Base community. Our area is home to all branches of the military except the Coast Guard and he knows the significance of community support for those branches. As State Representative, Chris will be a positive liaison with Barksdale to ensure their state-related concerns are met.

Leading Our Community

Chris is a proven and engaged leader. He is not one to avoid taking a stand on an issue he believes in. If Chris recognizes a need and he can provide a solution, he steps up and gets it done. Whether he is spearheading the organization of a new community park, coaching little league baseball, or leading a law enforcement team, he will stay focused and complete the task at hand.

Leading Economic and Infrastructure Improvements

District 9 is growing. As a small business owner, Chris relates to the frustration with the complicated systems in place that do not facilitate growth and development. Now is the time to create policies that will better support safe bridges, clean water, effective communication networks, all basic infrastructure issues. He understands the benefit of working together to improve the quality of life and economic well-being for our community.

Support the Campaign

Join Chris in pursuing what’s best for District 9.

Support the Campaign

Join Chris in pursuing what’s best for District 9.

Family values are important to Chris. He comes from a large immediate and extended family that is deeply rooted in our area. Having grown up in Haughton, he decided this was the best place to raise his own family.

After a 30 year career in law enforcement at the local, state and federal level, Chris and a partner became small business owners in Haughton. In doing so, he understands the struggles of navigating the economic challenges business owners face. One of his goals is to promote growth and common sense policies to support a strong economy while maintaining small town, family values.

Chris and wife Cathy have been married 30 years. Cathy is a career educator in Bossier Parish and currently serves as the Principal at Platt Elementary. Their son William is an engineering graduate from Louisiana Tech University and daughter Abby will graduate from Louisiana Tech University in the spring with an engineering degree, as well.

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Election Day

October 14, 2023

Early Voting

Sept. 30 – Oct. 7, 2023